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About Us

Our Mission

1 To assist other companies in the packaging of their brand in sample size and full sized formats as a customer service focused co-packer within our own on-site facilities.

2 To work with brands as an entrepreneurial minded partner to assist with packaging their products; provide equipment/capability growth to support their demand and lower their costs; sales channel match-making; and more.

3 To manufacture and/or license travel-sized and individual-sized products needed in the marketplace, but are not currently being serviced, to support sister company

Get Your Product In a Small or Large Size!

  • Low job minimum: $2500
  • Categories: both food and non-food items.
  • Capabilities: packets, bottles, jars, bags, cans, and more!
  • Additional services include: component sourcing, printed retail boxes, shipper boxes, testing, and design.
  • Via our partnership: warehousing and fulfillment, drop-shipping, distribution, retailing.


Minimus Products was co-founded in 2008 by Paul Shrater, Co-founder of, and engineer Joel Shrater. is the world leader in focusing solely on retailing and wholesaling travel-sized and individual-sized items. Through his work with, Paul Shrater identified several products that customers were interested in that did not exist in the marketplace, or did not exist in the manner in which the customer wanted them. In addition, there were several customers asking for their product to be done in a travel-size or individual-size, either for promotional purposes or for getting their existing brand into a smaller size as an extension of an existing line. Thus, Minimus Products was created to handle these needs.Since then, Minimus Products has expanded its capabilities into larger format filling of bottles, jars, bags, and more, as customers asked for more than just sample sizes of their products. The company has found that its entrepreneurial approach to working with customers and their brands, along with its focus on small and medium sized runs, has helped to fill a gap in the marketplace and enabled Minimus Products to build strong relationships with its customers that transcend a strictly vendor-for-hire relationship.In March of 2016, Minimus Products expanded their warehouse space and built out additional food production rooms to support the growth of the company. 

Behind the Scenes...

A little look behind the scenes at Minimus Products...

Turnkey Services


We fill liquids, powders, pastes, particulates, mixed formats, all with a variety of equipment located on-site.We can fill packets/sachets, bags, gusseted bags, bottles, jars, boxes, cups, and more. Let us know about your project, and we will let you know how we would approach it with our equipment, or if it is something outside of our scope. 

The Packaging Materials

We have strong relationships with several local, and national, supply companies to provide and recommend the right product for your needs, including: packet film, bottles/caps, jars, labels, shrink bands, and much more. 

Boxing and Retail Displays

Minimus Products works with a leading custom box & display supplier to create any master case, retail, or display packaging that may be required for your project. 

Testing, Regulatory Issues, Insurance, and More...

As part of the project over-sight, Minimus Products incorporates discussions of any testing, regulatory issues, product liability insurance, customized design, or other aspects that your project may require. 

Warehousing, Drop-shipping, Distribution, Retailing, and More...

Minimus Products works with its partners at, and their fulfillment division, to provide such services as warehousing, blind drop-shipping to your customers, as well as potentially becoming a distributor and retailer/customer of the product. 


Minimus Products is partnered with The Karma Accelerator that seeks to invest capital, and operational and marketing expertise/resources into growing consumer product brands.

Selected Products

Minimus Products has created several products for other companies, as well as under its own brands. Here are a selection of some of the different projects we have done (not a complete list):

  • Acai powder (stand up gusseted bag)
  • Apple cider vinegar (organic, 32oz labeled bottle)
  • Banana chips (sampler bag)
  • Beans (2lb printed bag)
  • Breakfast topper (organic, multi-lane blended, vacuum sealed metal can)
  • Canola oil (16.9 oz labeled bottle)
  • Castor oil (4oz bottle)
  • Chia seeds (1lb printed stand-up gusseted pouch, 1oz sachet w/printed retail box, 1lb labeled jar)
  • Chocolate spread (sachet, printed retail box)
  • Cinnamon extract (32oz labeled bottle)
  • Coconut chips (sampler bag)
  • Croutons (24oz stand up gusseted bag)
  • Food coloring powder (all natural, pouch)
  • Hair care treatment kit (powder blend, printed sachet fill, liquid bottle fill)
  • Lentils (2lb printed bag)
  • Liquid detergent (2oz bottle)
  • Luxury cosmetics (various; bottles, jars, tubes, packets; labeled w/printed retail boxes)
  • Magnesium spray (formulation, spray bottle fill)
  • Matcha powder (sachets into labeled jar, into printed retail box)
  • Miso soup concentrate (organic, sachet)
  • Natural powdered detergents (single use sachets)
  • Oats (2lb printed bag)
  • Peas - dried (bag)
  • Powdered fruit (stand up gusseted bag)
  • Rice (2lb printed bag)
  • Rose water (organic, spray bottle)
  • Soil/seeds (hot glue labeled metal can w/custom hole punch lid)
  • Spices (various; 2oz printed bags)
  • Spice blend (3oz shaker jar)
  • Sprinkles (small pouch)
  • Strawberry powder (bag)
  • Superfood powder blend (stand up gusseted bag, sachets, retail box)
  • Supplement powders (various, jars)
  • Various topical ointments (sachets, bottles, jars)
  • Vegetable powder (shaker bottles)


The Contract Packaging Association

The Contract Packaging Association is the trade association for the contract packaging industry.

CCOF Organic

CCOF is one of the leading organic certification agencies in the US that certifies to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) specifications, and has reciprocity with other major organic certifiers.

OK Kosher

OK is one of the leading kosher certification agencies in the US, with reciprocity with other major kosher certifiers.

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