We fill liquids, powders, pastes, particulates, mixed formats, all with a variety of equipment located on-site.We can fill packets/sachets, bags, gusseted bags, bottles, jars, boxes, cups, and more. Let us know about your project, and we will let you know how we would approach it with our equipment, or if it is something outside of our scope.

Packaging Materials

We have strong relationships with several local, and national, supply companies to provide and recommend the right product for your needs, including: packet film, bottles/caps, jars, labels, shrink bands, and much more.

Custom Boxes and Retail Displays

Minimus Products works with a leading custom box & display supplier to create any master case, retail, or display packaging that may be required for your project.

Testing, Regulatory Issues, Insurance, and More...

As part of the project over-sight, Minimus Products incorporates discussions of any testing, regulatory issues, product liability insurance, customized design, or other aspects that your project may require.

Warehousing, Drop-shipping, Distribution, Retailing, and More...

Minimus Products works with its partners at Minimus.biz, and their fulfillment division, to provide such services as warehousing, blind drop-shipping to your customers, as well as potentially becoming a distributor and retailer/customer of the product.


Minimus Products is partnered with The Karma Accelerator that seeks to invest capital, and operational and marketing expertise/resources into growing consumer product brands.

Next Step...

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