Q   Do you do hot fills, pasteurizations, or aseptic filling?

A   We do not.  However, we are entrepreneurial and for a larger customer we would work on obtaining the necessary certifications and processes to do this (really geared for a scenario of partnering with a brand on doing something unique where the existing entities in the industry and not really geared to support it and an entrepreneurially minded partner is needed).


Q   What other certifications do you have?

A   There are a variety of other certifications that we have looked at and would be willing to obtain and accommodate for a customer that might need it.  Please inquire as to your specific needs.


Q   Are you USDA certified for dairy, poultry, beef, pork, eggs, or baby formula?

A   We are not, and it is not an area that we are currently looking to expand into.


Q   How do you do your lab/microbiological testing?

A   We test food bulk on arrival, regardless of the COA that may accompany it, and we test production samples as well.  We send these to a licensed food microbiological lab.


Q   Do you help with artwork?

A   Most brands come with their own artwork, but we can certainly supply the die-line files for the artists to place the artwork into for any of the labels, packets, boxes, etc.  We also have good relationships with graphic artists of different styles and can put you in touch with one.


Q   What is your minimum run?

A   It is $2500 for a given project.


Q   If you don’t have all of the equipment I need for my project, can you get it?

A   Yes.  We have grown our existing capabilities alongside our customers’ needs, so we are happy to collaborate on equipment needs and see how we can accomplish your goal.


Q   What if I scale larger than your current equipment setup?

A   We would be excited to scale with you by bringing in additional equipment, running additional shifts, etc.


Q   Can you help source my componentry?

A   Yes.  We have fantastic preferred vendors we work with for labels, packets, bags, boxes, bottles, jars, and more.  We are happy, and in most cases, prefer, to source these for you (we prefer it as we know the vendors, have strong relationships with them to allow things to run as smooth as possible, and we know what they are supplying is compatible with our equipment).


Q   Can you help source my bulk ingredients?

A   Sometimes. In most cases, the brands handle this, but in some cases we have helped to source ingredients. We have several good resources for this, and can advise if it is an area of product that is outside of our focus.


Q   Do you do fulfillment?

A   Our sister company does.  Visit www.minimusfulfillment.biz.  They are located about 1 mile away and we offer free shipping over to them.


Q   Can you blend powders or particulates?

A   Yes, we have a multi-lane weigh filler that can do particulates and we have a ribbon blender for powders.