We fill food, beverage, beauty, personal care, other non-food, and unique products as well.

We fill a variety of product formats, including:

  • liquids
  • powders
  • pastes
  • particulates
  • mixed formats
  • ...more!

We have a wide variety of equipment located on-site where we can fill into a variety of packaging formats.

Let us know about your project, and we will let you know how we would approach it with our equipment (or obtain new equipment to support it), or if it is something outside of our scope.


We have strong relationships with several local, and national, supply companies to provide and recommend the right product for your needs, including:

  • flexible film for packets / sachets
  • printed bags
  • bottles, caps, sprayers
  • jars, lids
  • cups
  • cans
  • labels (digital, flexo, combo, low to high end)
  • shrink bands
  • induction seals
  • pressure adhesive seals
  • ...and much more!

Custom Boxes and Retail Displays

Minimus Products works with a leading custom box & display supplier to create any type of secondary packaging that might be required for your project including:

  • retail carton
  • display carton
  • counter-top display
  • floor-standing display
  • master case
  • unique designed / unique shaped boxes
  • direct printed / litho laminate / spot UV

We can also assist with design and develop unique concepts such as:  https://thetalkingshipper.com/

Testing, Regulatory Issues, Insurance, and More...

As part of the project over-sight, Minimus Products incorporates discussions of any testing, regulatory issues, product liability insurance, customized design, or other aspects that your project may require.

(*note that customer is responsible for following all regulatory requirements)

We can support many other needs as well (e.g. we have received FDA OTC licensing in the past for a client project that needed OTC), have investigated other certifications that potential clients might need, and always happy to explore how we can assist.


Warehousing, Drop-shipping, Distribution, Retailing, and More...

Minimus Products works with its partners at Minimus.biz, and their fulfillment division (MinimusFulfillment.biz), to provide such services as warehousing, blind drop-shipping to your customers, as well as potentially becoming a distributor and retailer/customer of the product.  If the product is food, there is also potential of distribution through MinimusDistribution.biz, a foodservice disitributor.

Investment / SUPPORT

Minimus Products has the potential to invest in brands that are interested, or become involved as a joint venture partner.

Additionally, Minimus Products has worked with clients that have unique equipment requirements, existing equipment to bring to Minimus Products' facility, and creative structuring of support needs.

Next Step...

Contact us for more information, quotes, and to tap into our knowledge and expertise.